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BOAO Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2022

1. About the news: Mr. Li Jinyuan and TIENS Team were invited to attend the BOAO Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2022. The news reported by the famous Chinese media The Paper focused on the global layout of Taijisun International Health Management Experience Store.

2. About the Forum background:
The BOAO Forum for Asia, established in 2001, is jointly initiated by 29 countries. It is a high-level platform for dialogue on important affairs in Asia and the world, an important think tank for promoting Asian economic integration, and a positive energy for the coordinated and upward development of the global economy.

3. About the media background:
"The Paper" - founded in 2014, is an all-media news and information platform focusing on original news, with a first-class qualification for Internet news information services. The Paper has more than 400 reporters and produces more than 300 original news reports every day. It is one of the leaders in the development of media integration, and its influence ranks in the forefront of Chinese news websites.

4. About the report content:

Title: Mr. Li Jinyuan and TIENS Team were invited to attend the BOAO Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2022

From April 20 to 22, 2022, "The Epidemic and the World: Promoting Global Development and Building a Common Future"-BOAO Forum for Asia 2022 Annual Conference was held in BOAO, Hainan Province, China.

This annual conference is mainly held offline and combined online. Representatives from all walks of life including politics, business, academia, and media are invited to participate in the conference to discuss the post-pandemic development trend for Asia and the world, focusing on green development, innovative development, inclusive development, cooperative development to promote international solidarity and cooperation. According to preliminary statistics, more than 600 offline representatives from 42 countries and regions, nearly 400 online representatives and more than 700 journalists from 102 media organizations attended the annual conference.

BOAO Forum for Asia

As a global enterprise group and a senior member of the BOAO Forum for Asia, Chairman Li Jinyuan led President Zhang Zhongtao to attend the forum. They have involved in a number of sub-forums such as "Asian Intellectual Property: Trends and Opportunities", "A New Stage of Asia-Pacific Regional Cooperation", which were specially arranged and valued by the conference organizing committee.

Chairman Li Jinyuan was in the BOAO Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2022

During the forum, the chairman and president of TIENS Group positively listened to the views and opinions of all parties, actively discussed international development trends and economic-related issues with top leaders from the global political, business, academic and media circles, promoted the 27-year breakthrough development history and achievements of TIENS, and shared TIENS experience of the protection and application of intellectual property rights in the process of global development, TIENS strategies of global layout, green development, sustainable development, etc. Many valuable experiences have been widely recognized by the parties in the conference.

The Scene of BOAO Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2022

In addition, Chairman Li Jinyuan enthusiastically shared the global coverage plan of TIENS Group's all-round health and wellness experience stores and flagship stores, which is expected to explore the new peak of global health development in post pandemic era.

Chairman Li Jinyuan attended the discussion in important topics

In 2021, TIENS Group took a full launch of upgrading Taijisun International Health Management Experience Store. Based on 27-year of localized operation of the global marketing and cross border network, 47 million of stable family consumers and 224 countries and regions of business coverage, Taijisun International Health Management Experience Store makes a perfect combination of the concept of Tradition Chinese Medicine and the technology of precise Western treatment to create an immersive experience economy. Through big data, quantum technology, virtual reality, telemedicine, precision medicine and other technical means, Taijisun International Health Management Experience Store provides personalized conditioning solutions combined with China's 5,000-year-old Chinese medicine health culture, showing the charm of traditional Chinese medicine of "do not cure the disease but prevent the disease"!

Chairman Li Jinyuan and President Zhang Zhongtao were in the BOAO Forum for Asia

Taijisun International Health Management Experience Store acts as the main body of TIENS Group New Global Cross-border Strategy of "One Body Multiple Wings", new marketing, new e-commerce, new education, new medical treatments, new tourism and hotels, new supply chain, new financial media are the multiple wings. They are developing independently and complementing each other. They are empowering, supporting, linking, and replacing each other. They operate in one country and in all countries, benefiting the whole world, The main body and multiples interact each other and achieve a spiral development.
In 2022, TIENS Group will insist Taijisun International Health Management Experience Store as the main body, adhering to the business philosophy of "connecting stores in the network, bringing the network in the stores to achieve mutual cooperation and two-wheel drive". On the basis of the existing 32,000 stores, an additional 10,000 experience stores will be developed around the world to promote the big upgrade of health business.

President Zhang Zhongtao accepted the media interview

In the past two years, the world has made hard efforts to completely defeat the Covid-19 pandemic, and will continue to work hard in the future, and China's big health enterprises have become one of the important forces. As a leading company in the big health industry, TIENS Group has been deeply involved in the big health industry for 27 years, and embraces global development with an open and win-win mentality. It has branches in 110 countries and regions, and has business contacts in 224 countries and regions. It has a profound experience, built a smooth channel, accumulated a huge number of customers, formed a well-known brand, and has an important influence in the field of health in China and abroad.
TIENS expressed its willingness to take advantage of the broad platform of the BOAO Forum for Asia to strengthen communication and cooperation with domestic and overseas companies, make full use of the advantages in its global platform and channels, jointly promote the development of the big health industry, promote the recovery of the world economy after the epidemic, and make contributions to forming a strong international synergy to overcome the difficulties in the epidemic.