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President Li Jinyuan and Tiens Group laureled in the China Brand Convention

China Brand Convention and Promulgation Ceremony organized by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese Academy of Economy, China Brand Manage Association, Asia Brand Construction Association, Chinese Commercial Times held in Xiangshuiwan, Sanya of Hainan on the 28th June 2009, government officers, representatives from media, business elites gathered together to witness this grand event of China brand.

Owing to its abundant enterprising strength, globalized development stratagem, continue self branding effort and obligation of corporate social responsibility, Tiens Group gained favour and recognition from the committee of convention, awarded numerous honors during this convention. President Li Jinyuan won the titles of “Asia Top Ten Personality of Health Care Industry”, “Top Ten Pioneers in Glorious 60 years China Health Care Industry”; Tiens Group received the honor of “Asia Top Ten Leading Brand Enterprise in Health Care Industry”, Tiens brand awarded “Asia Top Ten Most Favourite Brand by Consumers in Health Care Industry”.



Brand Management Department Manager of Global Marketing Centre Wei Zhaoting, Branch Manager of Hainan of Southern China district Li Mei, received the trophys, plaques and certificates on behalf of the company, such honorable moment witnessed by representatives of excellent distributors from Souther China region.

The Honorary President of this brand convention inclusive of nine terms Deputy Chairman of National People’s Congress (NPC) of the People’s Republic of China Wang Guangying, nine terms Deputy Chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Sun Fuling, nine terms Deputy Chairman of CPPCC. Former Deputy Minister of Ministry of Central Propaganda Gong Xinhan, former Director General of Foreign Experts of State Department Ma Junru, former Director General of National Import & Export Quarantine Bureau Tian Runzhi, former Director General of State Ocean Bureau Zhang Dengyi, eight terms Deputy Chairman of National Business Association Wang Zhiguo, President of China Brand Manage Association Xie Ailan were amongst the honorable guests attended this convention.