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Environment Protection Activity Held by Tiens Shanxi Branch Company(2011-03-22)
On Mar. 5th, 2011, initiated by Shanxi Provincial Communist Youth League Committee, together with youth volunteers and environmentalists from Shanxi and Henan Province, the activity of "Forest Building for Ecological Compensation in Yellow River Region" was held in Qiachuan, Shanxi Province.

"Supreme Travel, Together We Share" Passion for Hawaii(2011-03-16)
On Mar.6th, 2011, a sunny day in Hawaii, the tight agenda after arrival was finished. From Mar.6th — 7th, we had plenty of time to enjoy the fantastic urban view and get to know the custom of Hawaii.

"Supreme Travel, Together We Share" Passion for Hawaii(2011-03-16)
In year 2010, we gathered in Sanya, China, where we made a promise to meet in Hawaii. In 2011, we have fulfilled our commitment. Today, in Hawaii, we are staying together to make the blue print for the New Year.

"Supreme Travel, Together We Share" Passion for Hawaii(2011-03-16)
Golden lion distributors are the core of the team, the leader of the market, and in particular, the pride of TIENS! They always take the lead in market promotion and publicity, and keep close attention to each move of the Group, so as to publicize and copy its information to the market at the soonest.

"Supreme Travel, Together We Share" Passion for Hawaii(2011-03-15)
On Mar. 4th 2011, over 100 golden lion distributors and their families from 13 countries around the world met with the Group management in the beautiful and romantic Hawaii, kicking off the five-day "Supreme Travel, Together We Share"— Passion for Hawaii— 2011 TIENS Global Golden Lion Distributors Tourism Seminar.

Tianjin Tianshi Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Tianshi Biological Development Co., Ltd. Awarded Again(2011-03-15)
Tianjin Tianshi Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Tianshi Biological Development Co., Ltd. were conferred the certificate of "Top 50 Enterprises in Tianjin Food Industry 2010" and Tianjin Tianshi Biological Development Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Food Safety Model Enterprise of Tianjin" at the working meeting of Tianjin food industry on March 8.

Li Jinyuan, the Chairman of Tiens Group Awarded with the Title of "Entrepreneur Drawing the Most Attention in 2010"(2011-01-19)
"Announcement of Ten Major News of Chinese Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Drawing the Most Attention and Enterprises with the Greatest Potential of Growth in 2010" and "Eighth Chinese Enterprise Development Forum" were hosted. In this event, Li Jinyuan, the Chairman of Tiens Group was awarded with the title of "the Entrepreneur Drawing the Greatest Attention in 2010".

Tiens Group Honored "Prize for Enterprises with State-level Quality and Good Faith in Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine System" (2011-01-12)
On Jan. 10, 2011, related leaders from Tianjin Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association paid a special visit to Tiens Group, and presented the enterprise with "Prize for Enterprises with Quality and Good Faith".

Tiens Group Europe-Asia Region Makes Donations to Orphanage during the Christmas (2011-01-04)
Tiens Group Europe-Asia region organized local staff and business partners and drove four hours to the orphanage in Yarosklav, Moscow on the eve of Christmas, 24th Dec. 2010 like past years. They brought New Year gifts as well as their love to children.

Tianjin Tiens Biological Development Co., Ltd Awarded with the Certificate of "State Torch Program Key Hi-tech Enterprise"(2011-01-04)
Tianjin Tiens Biological Development Co., Ltd was one of a few awarded with the title of State Torch Program Key Hi-tech Enterprise by Ministry of Science and Technology in Dec. 2010 among some 1000 applicants for key hi-tech enterprises in Tianjin.

Tiens Group Philippines Branch Office Received the Annual Award for "Enterprise with Most Business Opportunities"(2010-12-31)
Tiens Group Philippines Branch Office received the medal and trophy of "Enterprise with Most Business Opportunities" awarded by the Asia-Pacific Awards Council in the ceremony due to the high quality products, superior management principle and the contribution to the local made by Tiens Group Philippines Branch Office.

Tiens Group Latin America Area Peru Branch Office Held New Year Study Aid Activity(2010-12-30)
On 20th Dec. 2010, Tiens Group Latin America Area Peru Branch Office held New Year Study Aid Activity as in previous years. Peru Branch Office, together with over 100 marketing partners and local stuffs, sent the donated fund, over 200 school supplies and food to the students of a government public school.

Commendation Conference in Nepal Branch of Tiens Group Achieved Great Success(2010-12-27)
Following the success of commendation conference held in Calcutta, Mr. Li Jinyuan, President of Tiens Group, headed to Nepal on 15th Dec. 2010 to participate in the commendation conference held by its branch.

Tiens Group's Commendation Conferences for South Asia Calcutta and South Pakistan 2010 Achieved Great Success(2010-12-22)
At 6:00 PM of 11th and 12th Dec. 2010, Tiens Group's commendation conferences for South Asia Calcutta and South Pakistan 2010 were unveiled respectively.Mr. Li Jinyuan, President of Tiens Group, also found time from his busy schedule to attend the conferences.

Tiens Group Honored with "Public Service Partner Award"(2010-12-16)
On the morning of Dec. 12, 2010, The Commendatory Meeting for the 10th Anniversary of 120 Mother-Baby Health Project by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation was grandly held at the Great Hall of the People. Tiens Group has earned itself the "Public Service Partner Award for the 10th Anniversary of 120 Mother-Baby Health Project by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation".

Signing Ceremony Held for Strategic Cooperation between Tiens Group China Region and
On Dec.9, 2010, a signing ceremony was grandly held to establish strategic cooperation between Tiens Group China Region and in TIENS International Health Industrial Park. Ms. Bai Ping, Tiens Vice President and China Region President, signed the Business Travel Cooperation Agreement with Mr. Ding Xiaoliang, Ctrip Vice President and North China Region General Manager.

Join Tiens and Give Your Love(2010-12-01)
Tiens Group exercised its idea "Profiting from Society and Repaying Society" and showed its cares for the society by organizing its branches a collective blood donation to alleviate the blood shortage in medical institutions.

Mayor of RAJSHAHI, Bangladesh Visits Tiens Group(2010-11-26)
On November 20, 2010, MR. A.H.M. KHAIRUZZAMAN, Mayor of RAJSHAHI city of Bangladesh , paid a visit to Tiens Group, accompanied by MR.F.R.Siddiqui, President of Sino-Bengal Economy & Culture Exchange Center as well as other members and Mayor Secretary. President Li Jinyuan of Tiens Group warmly received the distinguished guests at the Group's Head Office.

TIENS Love in Soweto, Care for AIDS Orphans in South Africa(2010-11-25)
On November 13, 2010, Bai Ping, Tiens Group vice President who was then in Johannesburg, South Africa, for Tiens Group annual celebration, took some time out from her busy schedule to visit Soweto AIDS Orphanage and made a donation on behalf of Tiens Group President Li Jinyuan and TIENS Meijing International Charitable Foundation.

Report on Hainan Branch of Tiens Group's Donation (2010-11-24)
From the evening on September 30 to October 9, 2010, Hainan Province was struck by the heaviest storm ever in the past 49 years. Most parts of the province were exposed to heavy rainfalls. In face of the disaster, Tiens citizens offered help and showed their concern.

Tiens Group designated Outstanding Volunteer Team Service Base(2010-11-19)
On November 16, 2010, Vice President Yan Yupeng of Tiens Group attended, on behalf of the Group's President Li Jinyuan, the 3rd plenary conference of the 1st council of Tianjin Voluntary Service Federation held by Tianjin Bureau of Civil Affairs. During the conference, Tiens Group was designated the Outstanding Volunteer Team Service Base.

Belarusian Ambassador to China visits Tiens Group(2010-11-19)
On October 16, 2010, Mr. Tozik Anatoliy, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to China, paid a visit to Tiens Group, accompanied by the Economic Counselor from the Embassy of Belarus in China. President Li Jinyuan of Tiens Group warmly received the distinguished guests at the Group's Head Office.

Pakistan Branch of Tiens Group donates for flood relief(2010-11-18)
In August 2010, Pakistan was devastated by the worst flood in the last eight decades in the country. Deeply Concerned for the Pakistani people, the Pakistan Branch of Tiens Group held a donation campaign at the hard-hit Multan to help the Pakistani people fight the floods and rebuild their homes.

Luoyang Branch of Tiens Group Shows Loving Care by Collective Blood Donation(2010-11-17)
On November 7, 2010, Luoyang Branch of Tiens Group exercised its idea "Profiting from Society and Repaying Society" and showed its cares for the society by organizing a collective blood donation.

Tiens Group entrusted with project in China State High-Tech R&D Program (Program 863)(2010-11-11)
Recently, the "Project Upgrading Functional food for Improving Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular Functions and Osteoporosis"(2010AA023003)jointly proposed by Tiens Group and other eight organizations has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the P.R.C., and listed as a key item in the State High-Tech R&D Program (Program 863).

Vice Minister of Ministry of Health, together with government leaders from Tianjin Municipality, were present at Tiens Group (2010-11-09)
On 7 Nov, 2010, Mr. Wang Guoqiang, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Health and Bureau Director of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, together with government leaders from Tianjin Municipality, arrived at Tiens Group for an inspection tour.

Tiens Vietnam Co., Ltd launches its Hanoi Branch Office(2010-11-05)
On 28 Oct, 2010, a grand ceremony was held for Hanoi Branch of Tiens Vietnam Co., Ltd to start business officially. Ms Bai Ping, Vice President of Tiens Group, together with related leaders from Tiens Group in charge of the Asia-Pacific region, government leaders of Vietnam and different distinguished guests from various walks of life, was present at the opening ceremony.

Donating for Education, Helping the Poor(2010-11-05)
On Oct.30, 2010, Tiens President Li Jinyuan flied to the Group's Sri Lanka branch company in Colombo to chair the ten-thousand-people annual meeting, and also took time to attend the donation ceremony held by Sri Lanka Buddhism TV Station. Accompanied by Master Danaragama Kasaladamma, President of Sri Lanka Buddhists Association, over ten Sri Lanka government officials, as well as local business elites, President Li Jinyuan gave away books and stationery to more than 100 children from poverty-stricken areas. Also, he made donations to the Buddhism College and prayed for the poor.

Exchange Meeting for Resident Diplomats in China and Beijing Cultural Celebrities Grandly Held (2010-11-05)
On Oct.30th, Exchange Meeting for Resident Diplomats in China and Beijing Cultural Celebrities was grandly held at Tiens All-legend International Hotel and Tai Ji Sun Health Management Center. Present at the meeting are some 200 guests from the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China, China Elders' Association for the Advancement of Cultural Exchange, People's Government of Cuihuangkou Town, Wuqing District, Tianjin,and counselors of some countries.

Forging Best Employer Brand and Enhancing Core Competitiveness(2010-11-01)
The 5th China Best Employer Brand Awards and the 7th China HR Management Innovation Summit were held at Beijing Convention Center on October 24, 2010 by International Association for HR Management, Ministry of Human Resources & Social Security of the PRC and the Organizing Committee of the China Best Employer Brand Awards. By virtue of its sustained efforts and remarkable achievements in building corporate human resources, Tiens Group was conferred 2010 China Best Corporate Employer; and Tiens President Li Jinyuan was named 2010 China Most Philanthropic Entrepreneur.

The Soaring of TIENS "Comprehensive Health Industry"(2010-10-23)
The Sucess of Tiens Group Head Office Relocation Ceremony & Tai Ji Sun Health Management Co., Ltd. Opening Ceremony.

The Sucess of TiensGroup Head Office Relocation Ceremony&Tai Ji Sun Health Management Co.,Ltd.Opening Ceremony(2010-10-22)
Following the grand celebration festival of Tiens 15th anniversary, all Tiens citizens around the globe ushered in another unforgettable day-October 20, 2010, on which an opening ceremony was held at Tiens International Health Industrial Park to celebrate the relocation of TIENS headquarters and the trial operation of Tai Ji Sun Health Management Co., Ltd. Tiens senior executives, distinguished guests from domestic and foreign governments, well-known media, industry experts and scholars and some Tiens marketing partners gathered at Tiens International Health Industrial Park to witness another solemn and glorious celebration of Tiens Group.

Tiens Group's Vision of Comprehensive Health Industry Grabs the Attention of International Media(2010-10-22)
Tiens Group is going to hold a grand opening ceremony for its new Head Office at Tiens International Health Industrial Park, Tianjin, China, on October 20, 2010. On the same day, Tai Ji Sun Health Management Co., Ltd. is also scheduled to open for business in this Park.

Strategic Co-operation Forged between Tiens Group and China Telecom for E-commerce Project(2010-09-25)
On the 16th September, 2010, Tiens Group Co. Ltd and China Telecommunications Corporation jointly held Strategic Cooperation Contract Signing Ceremony at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, in an effort to develop bilateral cooperation in the area of information technology. Tiens Group's President Li Jinyuan and China Telecom's Vice General Manager Sun Kangmin attended the ceremony; also present were more than one hundred distinguished guests of different social and business background.

Tiens Group Ranked 22nd in China Top 500 Private Enterprises(2010-09-06)
2010 China Top 500 Private Enterprises press conference was held in Beijing on August 29. Huang Mengfu, Vice Chairman of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Chairman of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce (ACFIC), and Quan Zhezhu, Vice Minister of United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, Party Secretary and First Vice Chairman of ACFIC, attended the conference and awarded certificates to the top 30 enterprises.

Three New Glories for Tiens Group's Brand Work(2010-08-23)
Recently, Tiens Group has won the award of "Globalised Contribution Enterprise of Chinese Brand", and Tiens products gained the credit of "International Influential Brand in Health Care Industry". Moreover, President Li Jinyuan obtained the glory as one of "Ten of the Most Influential Chinese Frontrunners" in the "2010 Influential Brand Election" jointly held by Forbes Brand Research Centre of Asia Area, China Brand Management Association and Top 500 China Brand Research Academy. Those awards have once again recognised the development fruits in Tiens brand construction.

Embrace Your Dream, Embrace Your Future – 2010 Tiens Group 15th Anniversary Carnival was successfully held (2010-08-11)
From the 27th July to the 5th August 2010, when it was the 15th anniversary of Tiens Group, 2010 Tiens Group 15th Anniversary Carnival was ceremoniously held at Tiens Group headquarters located at Wu Qing Development Area of Tianjin Hi-tech Industry Park. Tiens Group 15th Anniversary Carnival was themed "Embrace Your Dream, Embrace Your Future" and covered such modules as Conference Ceremony, Product Exhibition, Educational Training, Tourism, Joyful Interactions and Charity, a grand event that integrated these elements for example "purchase through experiencing", "motivation by rewarding", "experience sharing", "love action undertaking", "touring" and "enhancement through training". A number of over 20,000 people, including Tiens Group senior management, government VIPs, distinguished industrial guests and Tiens sales elites of different skin colour, nationalities and ethnics, collectively witnessed the spectacular ceremony moments.

Tiens International Health Industrial Park was awarded the honour as one of China's top health industrial example tourist parks(2010-08-11)
Recently under the theme of "2010 Brand Innovation and Invigoration", the "2010 Influential Brand Election Activity" which was jointly arranged by Forbes Brand Research Centre, China Brand Management Association and China Top 500 Brand Research Institute was solemnly held in Hainan province. Tiens International Health Industrial Park was fortunately awarded the honour as one of China's top health industrial example tourist parks.

The ceremonious opening ceremony of Tiens 15th Anniversary Carnival(2010-08-05)
On the 28th July 2010 colourful flags fluttered at Tiens International Health Industrial Park, where drums were beaten and gongs struck to accompany the lion dance. Tiens 15th Anniversary Carnival, long expected by Tiens people around the world, was ceremoniously opened. It was a grand Tiens festival presented for global Tiens people, which combined "Purchase Experiencing", "Commendation Motivation", "Experience Sharing", "Love Actions", "Tourism" and "Promotion Though Training". Some 1,000 people, including leaders from Wu Qing District government, Tiens senior management, Tiens management personnel and Tiens distributors from Beijing and Tianjin, attended the opening ceremony to collectively witness the grand opening for Tiens 15th Anniversary Carnival.

Tiens Group's "Health Science & Technology " Strategic Alliance Signing Ceremony and All-legend International Hotel Opening Celebration was solemnly held(2010-07-15)
On 3rd July 2010, the signing ceremony of "Health Science" Strategic Alliance of Tiens Group and the opening ceremony of All-legend Hotel were solemnly held in Tiens International Health Industrial Park, with dozens of participating media including CCTV as well as a total 1,000 guests.

The Brand Value of Tiens Group Tops RMB 11 Billion(2010-07-06)
June 28, 2010, the World Brand Lab (WBL), the world-renowned brand value assessment organization, held the 2010 annual world brand conference in JW Marriott Hotel Beijing and promulgated the ranking of 2010 "Top 500 Most Valuable Brands of China". With the brand value of RMB 11.058 billion, Tiens Group was ranked No. 71 of all, No. 1 of health care products and No. 1 of Tianjin.

TIENS Branch Offices in Europe-Asia Region Show Benevolence to Orphanages on Children's Day (2010-06-10)
In response to the call of President Li Jinyuan of Tiens Group, all branch offices in Russia launched various forms of benevolence campaigns at the end of May 2010, according to the unified arrangement of the branch offices in Europe-Asia Region on donation to orphanages before Children's Day.

Tiens Group being awarded as "2010 Top 100 Green Food Enterprises of China" and "Green Civilization Contribution Enterprise"(2010-06-10)
On May 27, 2010, Green Civilization Forum co-organized by United Nations Industrial Development Organization and World Eminence Chinesebusiness Association was held in Shanghai.

Five products in Tiens Group are awarded the Certification of China Environmental Labeling Product(2010-06-04)
On march 25 to 26, 2010, after an earlier examination and verification of the Certification of Environmental Label, five household products in Tiens Group (DiCHO silk wool cleaning agent, DiCHO fruit, vegetable and tableware cleaning agent, Oily Soil Cleaner, DiCHO underwear detergent and DiCHO super-concentrated fabric softener and detergent) have undergone another two-day on-site examination of its environmental label and so forth by experts from China Environmental United Certification Center Co., Ltd., which is authorized by National Ministry of Environmental Protection.

5.18 Charity Event by Azerbaijan branch of Russian Sub-region of (2010-06-03)
On May 7, 2010, more than 40 old heroes of the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union still alive, together with people from various circles, gathered in the culture center of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, to celebrate the 65th anniversary of victory in the war against fascism.

TIENS Latvian Branch's Donation to People in Yushu County(2010-06-02)
The earthquake in Yushu not only concerns the Chinese people, but also the people work in TIENS overseas branches and TIENS distributors.

Event Highlights of 5.18 Donation for AIDS Orphans by TIENS South Africa Branch (2010-05-31)
On May 18, 2010, international charity day of TIENS, the South African branch of Tiens Group delivered a donation in the Ikageng Aids Ministry, an orphanage in Soweto.

Tiens Group Successfully Passes Comprehensive Annual Inspection for 2010 by Kosher Certificate Authority(2010-05-19)
In May, Tiens Group successfully passed the comprehensive annual inspection for 2010, and was issued the Kosher Certificate by the Kosher Supervision of America.

Tiens Group donated wheelchairs to the military hospital of Sri Lanka(2010-05-17)
On March 2nd, 2010, Sri Lanka Branch Office of TIENS donated on behalf of Tiens Group a hundred wheelchairs to the military hospital of Sri Lanka as a charitable act to serve the soldiers injured and disabled during the liberation war over the past 30 years.

TIENS “Philanthropy Students” Travel to World Expositions(2010-05-13)
Shanghai World Expositions attracts the world’ gaze and also attracts children’s gaze of remote and poor areas of motherland. On May 10, 2010, 10 teacher or student representatives from TIENS philanthropy elementary schools achieved their dream to travel to the World Expositions by entire imbursement of Tiens Group.

Tiens Group Donates to Shaanxi Foundation for Justice & Courage(2010-04-30)
On April 28th, the "Donation Ceremony of Tiens Group, Council Member of China Righteous Acts Foundation, to Shaanxi Provincial Righteous Acts Foundation" was held in the conference room of CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee.

TIENS Vietnam Co., Ltd Obtains Direct Selling License(2010-04-27)
On Apr. 21, 2010, TIENS Vietnam Co., Ltd obtained Direct Selling License after four-month application, becoming the first company that has obtained direct selling license in Hai Duong, Vietnam.

TIENS Vietnam Donates to Mianyang County in Charitable Housing Project for Extremely Poor Families(2010-03-26)
On March.25, 2010, TIENS Vietnam Production Base actively responded to the charitable donation advocate initiated by Mianyang county committee, people’s committee and people’s council and delivered by Da An Industrial Zone of Hai Duong Province.

TIENS Joins Hands with HP for New Development in Future (2010-01-26)
On Jan. 21st 2010, the “Press Conference on Strategic Cooperation between Tiens Group and HP themed on Cross-industrial Alliance, Win-win Hand in Hand” was solemnly held at the Tiens Group International Convention Center in Wuqing Development Area in New-tech Industrial Park of Tianjin.

Join Hands to Advance Development(2010-01-14)
On January 11, 2010, the “Join Hands to Advance Development – News Briefing on Cooperation Strategies between Tiens Group and Cisco Systems” was held at the Park Hyatt Beijing Hotel in Beijing Yintai Center.

President Li Jinyuan Named “Chinese Business Person of the Year 2009”(2010-01-05)
On the afternoon of December 29, 2009, the World Entrepreneur Forum 2009 and the Award Ceremony for the Chinese Brand of the Year & Chinese Business Persons of the Year 2009 (6th Session) was held at JW Marriott Hotel Beijing.

A Chain of Activities to Welcome TIENS 15th Anniversary(2009-12-25)
To welcome the great moment of TIENS 15th anniversary with special gifts, we have, from September 2009, been carrying out “a series of activities to welcome the 15th anniversary of Tiens Group”, such as “article-solicitation with the theme of ‘Follow You with Love’”, “soliciting photos with the theme—‘Glorious 15 Years’ ”and “poster-solicitation for TIENS 15th anniversary”, which aim at setting a platform for TIENS people to show their talent owned and their feelings to TIENS. Till now, these activities have been spreading warmly among TIENS, with the great passions of participators from all regions globally, especially in the China Region. While now the New Year is on its way coming, we again call your attention to the activities of TIENS 15th anniversary, hoping all the regions would try your best with great enthusiasm to carry out these activities in light of the spirits of “competing, learning, pursuing, helping and surpassing”. Meanwhile, in order to make clear the details of these activities and to attract more attentions, we here re-list the activity rules as follow for reminding:

Trip to Vietnam by President Li Jinyuan(2009-11-26)
November 17, 2009 is a special date and also an unforgettable day for Vietnam TIENS partners. On that day, amid the convergence of flowers, colorful ribbons, singing and dancing, friends from all over the world gathered at the TIENS plant in Dai An Industrial Park to attend the opening ceremony of TIENS Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Enrollment Regulations of Tianjin Tianshi College on Students Abroad(2009-10-30)
Tianjin Tianshi College is the first private college founded on 26th, July, 1999 approved by the Ministry of Education of China. The College is sponsored by Mr. Li Jinyuan, a famous entrepreneur and philanthropist, CEO of the Tiens Group in Tianjin, China.

The Selecting Result and Prizes Announcement of The 1st Photo Exhibition of TIENS Worldwide & the 1st TIENS Global Photo Collection(2009-10-21)

Notice of Activities Welcoming the 15th Anniversary of Tiens Group(2009-09-30)
With 15 years’ arduous and pioneering efforts, Tiens Group has created glorious achievements covering 190 countries around the world. During the extraordinary 15 years, thousands upon thousands distributors have been devoting so much to build TIENS lively and actively, and meanwhile TIENS has been bring out healthy, happy and colorful life to them. The coordination and cooperation of 15 years between TIENS and its distributors have consisted of numerous touching and moving stories in the growing for both. Now on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Tiens Group, we’d like to say these stories will linger on and pass down for ever.

Travel Seminar at the Headquarter of Tiens Group(2009-09-10)
As the training for Tiens people who come from Indonesia just completed, 120 Tiens people coming from East-Europe followed, and they successively visited beautiful Beijing city and the Headquarter of Tiens Group, the “home” they’ve been looking forward to for a long time with the passion toward TIENS business and aspiration toward Chinese culture.

Yongyang Bathed in Beautiful Sunshine(2009-09-10)
On the afternoon of 4 September, 2009, the Commendation Meeting on Help-the-Needy-Students Activity of “Sunshine Project” was held at the Government of Wuqing District.Tiens Group donated a sum of RMB 40,000 to the needy students.

Raining Record of Indonesian Distributors in Head—One of the Series Activities of Tour and Training in HQ(2009-09-04)
On Sept 3, 120 outstanding distributors from Indonesia came to Beijing on schedule. They visited beautiful Beijing, then the TIENS Tianjin HQ, and TIENS International Industrial Health Park. The rapid development of Tiens Group best interprets Chinese culture and Chinese spirit. The training activity was well prepared under the joint planning of all regions and Arts & Communication Department…

President Li Jinyuan——"China Top Ten Economic News Figure"(2009-09-04)
President Li Jinyuan——"China Top Ten Economic News Figure"(2009-09-04) On August 29, 2009, "the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the People's Republic of China - Ceremony of National Economic News Figures & Economic Development Forum" was held at People's Political Consultative Conference Hall in Beijing. President Li Jinyuan was awarded the honorary title "China Top Ten Economic News Figures" …

Hand in Hand, Stand out in the World(2009-08-07)
The press conference entitled "Hand in Hand, Stand out in the World", regarding the current strategic cooperation between TIENS and IBM was held in Sofitel Wanda Beijing on the morning of July 24, 2009. Ms Bai Ping (Vice President of TIENS and Chief Executive Officer of China Region), Mr. Bai Feng (Vice President of Tiens Group and President of Asia-Pacific Region and Africa Region), and Ms Jiang Zhenglin (Deputy General Manager of the Global Marketing Center and General Manager of Global Information Center of TIENS), entrusted by Mr Li Jinyuan, President of Tiens Group, attended the conference together with Mr. Qian Daqun (Board Chairman and CEO of IBM Greater China Region), Hong Yuexia ( Vice President of Science and Technology Integration Sector, Global Information Scientific and Technical Service Department, IBM Greater China Region) and Mr. Yu Qian (General Manager of North Region, IBM Business Enterprise Department) and other senior executives from both companies.

Generous Love Shown to Charity and Mutual Help with a Caring Heart(2009-07-27)
On July 16, 2009, the Memorial Ceremony for the 15th Anniversary of China Charity Federation and Commendation Meeting for China Charity Outstanding Commitment Awards were held at the Great Hall of People.Mr. Li Jinyuan, the President of Tiens Group, was granted the Award of China Charity Outstanding Contributor at the event of China Charity Outstanding Commitment Awards selection.

Weathering the Economic Storm with Consistent Innovation and Building a National Brand through Unremitting Exploration(2009-07-23)
On July 10, 2009, the 5th grand awarding ceremony for China Top 100 Enterprises in Corporate Education was held at the Athlete Mansion of the National Olympic Sports Center in Beijing.

President Li Jinyuan and Tiens Group laureled in the China Brand Convention (2009-07-23)
China Brand Convention and Promulgation Ceremony organized by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese Academy of Economy, China Brand Manage Association, Asia Brand Construction Association, Chinese Commercial Times held in Xiangshuiwan, Sanya of Hainan on the 28th June 2009, government officers, representatives from media, business elites gathered together to witness this grand event of China brand…

Great Honor for President Li Jinyuan and Tiens Group(2009-07-16)
On June 28, 2009, “Grand Awarding Ceremony for China Branding Conference” was held in Xiangshuiwan, Sanya, Hainan Province, organized by Urban Development and Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Economic Research Center of Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, China Brands Management Association, Asian Brands Clnion Organization, Business Times, with the attendance of government officials, media representatives, business celebrities.

Sprinting Surpassing Succeeding(2009-03-26)
After many rainy and thunderous days, the sun at last rose from Hotel Monroe in the capital of Lebanon Beirut on 8th march 2009, which was the date holding our lovely conference……

President Li Jinyuan was awarded as one of the Top 10 Leading Persons in Light Industry in 30 Years of China's Reform and Opening up(2009-01-23)
On 20 December 2008,the award ceremony for the choice and appraisal of the " List of Top 100 Leading Persons in China's Ecnomy in 30 Years of Reform and Opening up" was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.President of Tiens Group was invited to parcitipate in the award ceremony and was awarded as one of the Top 10 Leading Persons in Light Industry in 30 Years of China's Reform and Opening up…

President Li Jinyuan honored as the Most Noticeable Entrepreneur of 2008 (2008-12-24)
Announcement Ceremony of the Top 10 Corporate News in China, the Most Influence Enterprise, the Most Noticeable Entrepreneur, the Most Promising Enterprise 2008 cum the Sixth China Enterprise Development Forum sponsored by the China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneur Association, organized by China Enterprise Newspaper Office was grandly held at the People's Assembly Hall and Xi Yuan Hotel in Beijing on the 17th January 2009. More than 200 elites from the industry and 70 renowned local and overseas media gathered joyously to witness the leading ceremony of China enterprises before spring festival. Mr Li Jinyuan, President of Tiens Group was cordially invited by the sponsor as a representative of the awarding entrepreneurs to attend this event.

President Li Jinyuan of Tiens Group awarded Chinese Entrepreneur Leader of Excellent Contribution in Asia Pacific Economy 2008(2008-12-24)
Asia Pacific Chinese Entrepreneur Leader Forum Indonesia Summit 2008 (APCE2008) cum TIENS Cup – The Fifth Most Creative Chinese Entrepreneur Leader Award Ceremony series events organized collaboratively by Asia Pacific Chinese Entrepreneur Leader Association, Asia Pacific Culture•Fortune Newspaper, Indonesia and China Economy, Society and Culture Collaboration Association, Indonesia Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Indonesia and China Commerce Council, Indonesia Chinese Assembly……

Tiens Group President Li Jinyuan awarded Chinese Charity Award 2008(2008-12-15)
The Second Chinese Charity Conference cum Recognition of Chinese Charity Award 2008 was grandly held on the 5 December 2008 at the Beijing Peoples Convention Hall organized by the Ministry of Civil Administration……

Congratulations on TIENS' Winning HR Awards(2008-11-04)
"The Chinese 2008 Best Employers Award Ceremony and the 5th CHRM Annual Conference in China" was held ceremoniously in the Century Lecture Hall of Peking University on 25th Oct. 2008……

Received Laurel during Autumn Season(2008-09-12)
The promulgation ceremony of The Third Asia Brand Ceremony was held on the 9 September 2008 at the Disney International Convention Centre in Hong Kong. Tiens Group was awarded “Asia Brand Top 500”, Mr. Li Jinyuan, the CEO awarded the “Personality of the Year for Asia Brand 2008”……

Halal guarantee system of Tiens Group passed the supervision and audit of LP POM MUI organization of Indonesia and awarded grade A certificate(2008-09-08)
Tiens Group received the Halal certificate awarded by LP POM MUI organization of Indonesia on the 8 March 2007……

System Management Got New Certificate,Quality and Safety Entered a New Stage(2008-09-03)
On September 2, 2008, “Tianjin Tiens Biological Development Company” and “Tianjin Tiens Biological Engineering Company” passed the external audit for ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System and ISO22000:2005 Food Safety Management System and also got the certificate……

President Li Jinyuan was awarded as China’s top 10 business education leader(2008-07-23)
On June 28th, 2008, "The fourth top 100 Chinese Education Enterprises Selected Awards Ceremony & the Training Summit Forum of Chinese Enterprises" was held in Beijing……

TIENS donates RMB 23 million according to the situation of the disaster area(2008-05-28)
Up till now, the sum of money TIENS using to help the people in disaster reached 23 million RMB…

Friendly cooperation for global achievement(2008-05-19)
On May 13th 2008 afternoon, TIENS held its BMW 7 Series Handover Ceremony at TIENS headquarter…

President Li Jinyuan of Tiens Group Meeting with Eldest Grandson of Former President of South Africa—Mr Mandlesizwe Mandela(2008-03-17)
On March 16th, 2008, the President of Tiens Group Mr Li Jinyuan had a meeting with the eldest grandson of Former President of South Africa Mr Mandlesizwe Mandela and his attorney Mr Darryl Ackerman in the reception room of China Association for the Promotion of Industrial Development (CAPID).

Tiens Group Being Invited to Attend China-Nigeria Business Forum(2008-03-03)
On February 29th, 2008, Tiens Group's Vice-presidents Mr Han Fusen and Mr Wu Yiqun attended China-Nigeria Business Forum in Beijing, which was held by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT).

Brand New TIENS: TIENS 2nd European Convention(2008-02-15)
On the weekend 1-3rd February 2008, distributors from all over Europe and guests from other regions were invited to the 2nd European Convention in Budapest, Hungary.

12 Years of Thanksgiving, A New Chapter of Common Harmony (2007-12-24)
The Li Jinyuan Charity Foundation, which was officially instigated under The China Charity Federation (CCF) in a signing ceremony at Beijing's Great Hall of The People on 12th December 2007, is a special fund of 30 million Yuan contributed personally by the Chairman of Tiens Group, Mr Li Jinyuan.

TIENS CEO Mr Li Jinyuan Meeting with Microsoft COO Mr Kevin Turner(2007-12-14)
On December 12th, 2007, Mr Li Jinyuan, CEO & President of Tiens Group, accompanying by Vice President & General Manager of Global IT Center Mr Yan Yupeng, had a formal meeting with COO of Microsoft Mr Kevin Turner in the headquarter of Microsoft’s Greater China Region in Beijing.

President Li Jin Yuan of Tiens Group attended Board of Committee Meeting of World Federation of Direct Selling Association(2007-11-19)
Mr Li Jin Yuan, President of Tiens Group attended the 2-day CEO Board of Committee Meeting of World Federation of Direct Selling Association held in Tokyo, Japan companied by the Vice President of Europe Region on the 7 November 2007.