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Nutrient High Calcium 2
Nutrient High Calcium Two >> suitable for Diabetics
Content: 10 g x10 sachets
Tianshi High Calcium (suitable for Diabetics) is specially formulated for people with high levels of blood sugar. With all the same features as the standard High Calcium, this special mix contains Pumpkin extract powder which may help to balance high blood sugar levels. Pumpkin has several components which all help to manage the problems of Hyperglycemia. CTY can promote normal secretion of insulin and enhance the sensitivity of insulin receptors. Pectin can reduce the secretion of gastric inhibiting polypeptides, thus lowering blood sugar. Chromium rich, 50 x more than other foods, and can stimulate glucose intake and maintain glucose tolerance. Help the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. Low in calories, fat, and with no sugar ingredients. Its preparation is pure and natural.


One sachet, once or twice daily. It should be taken with lukewarm water or mixed with other food. This product is not a replacement for any medication and it is recommended that any person suffering from Hyperglycemia should consult their doctor or dietician before using this supplement.