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Mr. Li Jinyuan is now the Chairman of Tiens Group Co., Ltd and the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Tiens Bio-Tech Group (USA) Inc. (Tiens Bio-Tech Group (USA) Inc. is listed on the American Stock Exchange).Mr. Li Jinyuan was born in 1958 in Cangzhou, an ancient city in northern China. When he was young, he was full of dreams, pursuits, persistence and determination. At the time China was carrying out the Policy of Reform and Opening Up, Mr. Li Jinyuan successively devoted himself to gaining experience in enterprise operation and laying the foundation for his forthcoming success.
After being in business for several years, Mr. Li Jinyuan incorporated Tiens Group Co., Ltd in 1995. Tiens Group Co., Ltd.("Tiens Group") entered the international market in 1997. TIENS is a multinational group specializing in bio-tech, education, retail, tourism, finance, international trade and E-business. With a business spanning over 190 global countries and regions, TIENS maintains its regular customers more than 20 million families across the world, and has subsidiaries or branches in 110 countries and regions. TIENS has formed strategic alliances with world-class enterprises in many countries. TIENS has emerged as a global company, and is a pioneer and innovator in the direct selling industry. Mr. Li Jinyuan proposed four theories, i.e., Six-Network Interaction Theory, New Swap and Alternative Theory, New Supermarket Theory and Operation and Consumption Makes More Wealth to direct the growth of TIENS.
With a business philosophy of Serving Society by Restoring Health to Mankind, Mr. Li Jinyuan has always kept corporate social responsibility uppermost in his mind. Combining enterprise development with national demand and social interest will no doubt bring benefits to society. Mr. Li Jinyuan founded TIENS Meijing International Charitable Foundation with 800 million Hong Kong dollars in 2003, which aims to raise funds for public welfare. He donated RMB 3 million in cash and healthcare products and RMB 42 million to fight SARS in 2003, RMB 10 million to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation to found TIENS Charity Fund in 2005, RMB 30 million to found Li Jinyuan Charity Foundation in 2007 which was officially instigated under The China Charity Federation (CCF), and donated more than RMB 23 million to the victims of Wenchuan earthquake disaster area in 2008. RMB 100 million was donated to cure chidren who get congenital heart disease. In 2009, RMB 1 million was donated to China Foundation for Justice& Courage and in 2010 the first donation to Yushu Disaster Area of Qinghai includes money and materials valued RMB 7 million. Study prosperity, educations support, poverty alleviation and distress relief and etc. So far, President Li Jinyuan has donated more than 200 million US dollars to public charities.
Mr. Li Jinyuan believes that promoting the development of China's education is the best way to repay the motherland and society. Mr. Li Jinyuan invested millions of RMB to build Tianshi College at the time TIENS was founded, at a time when a great deal of capital was urgently needed for TIENS development. The college, formally approved by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China (PRC) in 1999 and to be upgraded as undergraduate academy in 2008, is the only privately-owned college in Tianjin. So far, Mr. Li Jinyuan has invested a total of RMB 670 million in constructing Tianshi college, and he plans to keep on investing. Embracing the national policy of Binhai New Area development, he plans to establish an international modern university with an area of 3.2 square kilometres and a construction area of two million and one hundred thousand square meters that accommodate 30,000 students with 20 faculties and 120 majors.
Due to his outstanding contributions to society, Mr. Li Jinyuan was granted the title "2010 China Most Philanthropic Entrepreneur", "Global Top 10 Most Influential Chinese Champions", "China Paragon Character for Nation Comity and Progress", "China Top 10 Coaching Entrepreneur", "China 2008 Top 10 Commonwealth Exemplar", "Asian 2008 Brand Annual Man of the Year", "China Most Responsible Entrepreneur for Society", "China Outstanding Contribution Award in Philanthropy", "China Advanced Character for Nation Comity", "Honorary Doctor in U.N. Institute for Ecology and Life Sciences", "Chinese Business Leader With Outstanding Contribution in Asia-pacific Economy", "International Insignia for Outstanding Chinese", "China Top 10 Outstanding Economic Talents" and many other honors.